Who are we?

The Dungeon Master team creates epic miniature art to bring your miniature and game experience to a whole new level. We are interested in tabletop games, wargames, and designing collectibles for 3D printing. Our team includes artists with different backgrounds like the gaming industry, animation, and collectibles. We are passionate about 3D printing, and we hope to share our passion with you as well.

We are bringing top-quality models and collectible items right to you. We are not offering wargames miniatures and terranes only. Still, we are also introducing a wide variety of 3D printable collectibles, which you can print anywhere, any time, with the desired specifications as you want them to be. We aim to expand our products digitally worldwide through the internet, where we remove all limitations on when and how you can receive your collectible items or miniatures. 


Quality, creativity, and passion

Dungeon Master aims to bring the best 3D printing experience right to you.
With our collections, you are assured of getting the whole quality experience at competitive prices. We believe in the perfect combination between fun and creative art.